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Mental health

Everyone sometimes feels sad, depressed, anxious or confused - these ups and downs are normal.
Ask for help if things feel out of control, or if you just need to talk.

  • Childline Freefone 0800 1111. 24 hours. Confidential help.
  • Two E 020 8807 0637. Advice, listening and information service for 14-25 year olds who live or go to school in Enfield.
  • Haringey Youth Service 020 8862 3860. Ask for details of local groups and service
  • Antenna Outreach Service 020 8365 9537
    Work with young people in the community who are Black African and Black Caribbean aged 16-25 suffereing the effects of Mental Health.

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For advice and support on how to stop smoking, contact Quitline on Freefone 0800 002200.
The lines are staffed by people who know just how hard it is to stop.

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Drugs and Alcohol

People take drugs or drink alcohol for many different reasons.
But it's impossible to predict accurately what effects alcohol or drugs will have.
Much depends on the user's mood and their surroundings, as well as the quality and quantity of the drug.
The risks linked to drug taking and alcohol use mean it's important to get your hands on information you can trust.

You should get time at school to talk about drugs and alcohol, your attitude towards them, their effects, and the law.
If you have any questions, or there's any help you need about drug and alcohol use
( yours or that of a friend or someone in your family ),
there are people you can call for confidential advice and support.

  • The National Drugs Helpline Freefone 0800 776600.
    24 hours. For advice, help, or just to talk.
  • Drinkline Freefone 0800 917 8282.
    Weekdays 9am - 11pm, weekends 6pm - 11pm.
  • Drugs Advisory Service Haringey 020 7272 2757.
    Support and treatment for people with drug problems.
  • Haringey Advisory Group on Alcohol 020 8800 6999.
    Help and treatment for people with alcohol problems.
  • AHEADS 020 8493 8525
    Drug & alcohol, info & advice for young people (10 to 17) in Haringey and Enfield. www.aheads.org
  • Enfield Community Drug & Alcohol Service 020 8443 3272
    or 07771 530679.  Support and treatment for people with drugs and alcohol problems. (over 18's only)
  • Uplift 020 7272 9993.
    Support, particularly for black drug users