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On this site, you can find out about the sexual health advice bus
(just click on the logo)

is for young people (from 11 to 20) in Enfield and Haringey.  On the bus, you can get information, advice and help on all sorts of things to do with sex and relationships.

Pictures and details of the Launch!!!

But it's not just about sex!

 We're here to answer your questions on everything to do with growing up, friends, peer pressure, puberty, boyfriends, girlfriends - as well as about the actual nitty gritty of sex, sexual health and contraception.  

We also work with AHEADS, the alcohol and drugs advice service for young people.  There is usually someone from AHEADS on the bus too so you can have a chat with them about any worries or questions you may have about drugs and alcohol.

If you've got something you'd like to discuss in private, you can do that too - and you can always say if you'd rather speak to a male or a female member of staff.

Anything you say on the bus is totally confidential,  which means we won't tell anyone you've been or what you said.  
The only time we may need to talk to someone else is if we think you could be in danger - but we would always talk to you about this first.

visits lots of different places in Enfield and Haringey - usually after school, so you can drop in to see us on your way home.

To find out when the bus will visit somewhere near you,
click on the link to the bus timetable

You can also call freephone 0800 16 13 715 to find out where the bus will be.  (This number is free from most phones, but some mobile phone companies now charge for 0800 numbers, so please check with your mobile network).

This is the only site just for young people in Enfield & Haringey - it has lots of local information about where you can go or phone (click on the links at the side of the page).  It also has information about national helpline numbers and organisations with links to their sites.

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This website is for you - so please tell us what you think!

You can be honest!  If you don't like it - tell us how we can improve it!

Email us with your comments (click on the little man)
and we'll do our best to respond to them.