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Bullying   Meningitis

Getting health care

If you live in Barnet, Enfield or Haringey, contact the Health Authority on 020 8272 5500 for a list of local GPs.
You can see your GP about any health issue: all information will be confidential.    You do not need your parent's permission to see a GP.

Your School Nurse

Contact your school nurse for advice on any health issues, including worries about your weight, healthy eating, skin problems or exercising.
You can contact your school nurse via your school office and it will be confidential.

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In exceptional cases your doctor or another health professional may feel that keeping a secret puts either you, or someone else in danger.
For example, if they think you are being physically bullied in some way, they may want to involve other professionals to help you.
It is important that you know, they will not do anything without talking to you first.

'Bullies are not
nice people.'
Art by Liselle Joslyn

From Exposure Magazine


For information about meningitis call the 24 hour helpline. Freefone 0808 800 3344.

Or visit the National Meningitis Foundation website